Three Decades Of Entertainment Evolution

Video game consoles were introduced to us 34 years ago. This electronic device allows us to play games by manipulating the display signal using the controller. This interactive entertainment gained instant popularity and changed how people are entertained.

The first game console was released in 1976 by a company called Fairchild. Even though gaming is already popular by 1950’s, Fairchild was able to enhance how these games were played, and this is the only time when the term game console became popular. This is called Fairchild Video Entertainment System, and it began the revolution in the gaming world.

After this historic event several other companies have their consoles like Atari and Nintendo. By the year 1985 everyone thought that this industry is coming to an end due to the substandard cartridges being manufactured by companies. A lot of the giant gaming powerhouses were forced to shut down their businesses leaving three companies, Atari, Nintendo, and Sega, in a great form.

Unfortunately, Atari was not able to stabilize the market; hence they were forced to pull out of the business before 1990. Two years after Atari went out of business, Nintendo and Sega were closely competing with each other when Sony suddenly entered the scene.

They introduced the first-ever video game console that uses CDs to play matches, which are a lot cheaper compared to cartridges that are being used by Nintendo and Sega. This is the time when Sony gained its popularity in the gaming world.

In 2002, software giant Microsoft competes with Sega, Nintendo, and Sony by releasing their own product called Xbox. With vast resources, they were able to rise to the top, and have put Sega out of business. Today, we know Microsoft, Sony, and Nintendo to be the top three game console manufacturers today, but there is a great story behind this evolution in the entertainment world.