Where Knowledge Has Taken Us

Take a look at your surroundings. Isn’t it amazing what we have done with the things around us. We have created this rising culture and civilization, and we have literally built it our of the ground. Our creative and imaginative minds have pushed the limits of nature and we surround ourselves with magnificent creations that have leaped out of our dreams, onto paper and have formed from the very blood that pumps to our hands. With our intelligence we have managed to rise past the level of god. We are now running our own creations and we are now creating ourselves.

The first step we took towards this monstrous version of ourselves is to reason and to believe and follow in the foot steps of mathematics. Math has brought us to the door of invention and we are constantly opening it an receiving new ideas. These ideas help us form the society that function in, and in fact they are the birth of our families and lives. Without math we would be lost in a time of confusion and darkness. Math started as a way to count but it is now a way to live. We have used math for everything we do, from walking down the street and knowing which lane to turn right on to using computers.

The next subject that peaked our interest was science. Science is the art of knowing how to question and discovering how to find the answers. Science originally started off as philosophy and those who thought about the movement of the universe were those who were prepared to use their intelligence. These philosophers did not just ask what the purpose of life was but the questioned what the glowing lights in the sky were. They applied their knowledge to discover ways to attain more. Philosophers evolved quickly into science, and we just kept dividing these arts to make them easier to conquer.

Then we had science. Science was medicine when it first started, and we focused on how to make things better. How do we heal the sick? How do we live longer? In fact, how can we live forever? Europeans developed a certain process to develop these medicines and cures for the sick. They had specific ways to test if everything was correct and if they were finding the right solution. Older civilizations had passed down remedies from generation to generation adding knowledge little by little and increasing their wisdom. Both types of culture were obsessed with science and with finding the truth.

Finally we combined math and science to form engineering. Engineering is one of the most complicated subjects of our time and it is extremely difficult to understand. What we do know is that it has helped us improve the quality of our lives. We now have cars and elevators and computers that help us do things in more efficient ways. We enjoy luxurious lifestyles and live in air conditioning in the hot summers. One thing that is really common in engineering is pneumatic controllers. Pneumatic controls are valves which are monitored by pressure, or fluid and are used in cars and other mechanical objects. Fairchild pneumatic controls are really popular in the engineering field because they perform well.